John Wick 3 "Glass Office" Concept Illustrations

This is some concept Illustration and design work I did for the glass office Set for the John Wick 3 film. I also brought this environment into Virtual Reality using Epic's Unreal Engine. This allowed the production team to previs and work out a lot of the design challenges early on in the development.

I’ll be posting a bunch of my design work for the film over the next few weeks here and Instagram as @alexniceartist

Director: Chad Stahelski
Cinematographer: dan laustsen
Production Designer: Kevan kavenaugh

Alex nice glassoffice straighton wick 001sm

Concept Illustration

Alex nice 198v 2 v005 anice

Glass Office Exterior

Alex nice glassoffice lowerfloor 004sm
Alex nice glassofficeset

Final Look in the film

JW3 "Glass House" Set VR Overview: Alex Nice