Alex Nice: ArtStation Masterclass Lesson Overview

Hi Guys,
I'm happy to announce that I'm teaching a course in "Advanced Key Art Illustration" for the next Artstation Masterclass.

I took care in creating a course that wasn't just another Instructor showoff piece, but rather create lessons that cover some new techniques and processes that I'm using in art departments when designing for film. This course will definitely be something different and new (..and hopefully fun). Its a real honor to be teaching alongside such a talented group of artists. Hope to see you guys there!
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**You can see a higher resolution 360 image at
I'll be posting more on FB and Instagram @AlexNiceArtist

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Lesson 1: Traditional Concept Illustration using 3D.

Lesson 2: 360 Pano

Alex Nice: Artstation Masterclass Lesson Overview