John Wick 3 Morrocco Concepts

Here's a collection of Concepts I did for the Moroccan Sequence in John Wick 3.

Alex nice berradas office sketch lrg 006

Morocco Continental: Barrada's Office
(Ended up being outdoors rather than under a closed dome)

Alex nice morrocco 001

Early piece of John Wick 3 production art. This was to establish the look and feel of Moroccan Continental

Alex nice morrocco 002

Practical Set

Alex nice foundrymint v005 002

Moroccan Continental Coin Minting room.

Alex nice foundry mintingstation 003 005

This was my design for the "High Table Coin Minting Station."

Alex nice foundrymint v006 003

Moroccan Continental Gold Minting room.

Alex nice foundrymint v006 003 mint

Practical Set