Mars Rover Design For "The First"

Mars Rover Concept Designs for Hulu’s “The First”.

I was tasked with designing a futuristic Mars Rover- but only 15 years in the future. My first attempts looked too modern and sleek, and so we brought it back closer to the current NASA:JPL Rover design- but with a few updated elements. .

For this new Mars Rover, we added a second arm with a claw and redesigned the drill to have the dual functionality of an additional “soil moisture probe” on a rotational pivot. I also replaced the original camera with a 360° spherical stereo camera.

I’ll be posting a bunch of set, prop, and vehicle designs I provided production on this fun project throughout the month on instagram.

Instagram: @AlexNiceArtist

Alex nice rover sunset v009
Alex nice rover diagram v001b
Alex nice rover diagram v002